Got a project? We've got the material! Whether it's a shovel full or a semi load, we're here to serve you with a full service material yard.





Screened Fill Sand

Sreened so all major stones are out of the material. Small course stones are still mixed in which makes for a great drainfield sand or fill sand.


Crushed limestone. This is a time tested driveway, aggregate material. Locks together extremely well and gives a nice light colored finish.

1" Washed Stone

Drainfield stone and is also used for landscaping projects.

Pea Stone

3/8" pea stone good for drainage projects and basements.

1-3" Nuggets

This a good material to build up soft spots in drives or to slow water in waterways.

Washed Mortar Sand

Our washed Mortar Sand is screened very fine for a smooth beach like sand.

Crushed Natural Stone

This material is a hybrid road gravel. It has a much higher stone mix than standard road gravel. The stone, clay, sand mix makes for a great driveway material.

Screened Top Soil

The goal for our topsoil is to be easy to work with and a great base for your lawn to grow.

Oversized Field Stone

Great for landscape projects, waterways, and much more.

Recycled Asphalt

This is a crushed material that is produced from milling down hard surface asphalt driveways and roadways. This material binds together really well and is a low dust, dark color option.

Road Gravel

23A Spec Road Gravel. Makes for a good base driveway material.

22A Slag

This is a by-product of metal that is crushed to a sized specification that locks together for a solid driveway aggregate.

1-2" Landscape Stone

This is a great material to spruce up the landscaping around your house.


Our composted manure has been lab tested with results available upon request. Compost gives your seedlings, grass, and other plants a jump start in growth!

Crushed Concrete

Also a crushed material from recycled concrete, this locks together nicely.

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